Our standard selection are all made of brass as base material.
Most of the eyelets are available in three different finishes, polished brass, nickelplated & black oxidized. 
Other finishes available on request, MOQ will apply.
We also have eyelets made of stainless steel material (A2 & A4) for really demanding conditions.
Please contact us with your specific need.

Our range of eyelets:

Curtain - A large practical and eyelet that surves with optimum function and aesthetics on a curtain or drape. The standard model is 40mm inside dimensions, also available in 25- 30- 50- & 66mm inner width.

Grommets - is an extraordinarily powerful model that is suitable for solutions when the conditions are straining and the eyelet will be exposed to high stresses. Both the eyelet and washer are reinforced in their function. The washer has extra prongs that pierces to help gripping the material and the eyelet has an extra outer collar.

Sail & Awning  - These most commonly used eyelet. We have in sizes from 8mm - 20mm inner dimensions. 

Oval & Rectangular - These eyelets are usually used in different chapels associated with chapel twist and cramps.

Self-piercing - Used with a press and customtool. The eyelet pierces the material and sets with the washer in one operation.

Shoe - Small eyelets, 4-8mm inner width, commonly used in clothing and leather products for reinforcement.

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